I love drawing and painting especially flowers and all things magical. I have several different styles, including bright bold flowers using acrylic paints, ink and pen work for my characters and using thick paint.

When I am not busy painting, I like to bake, read a good book or hide under a blanket especially when it is cold outside. I love winter, and everything that comes with the season - snow, Christmas, winter themed coffee, warm jumpers and my favourite slippers. 

I was born in 1988 on the Isle of Wight, grew up in Wales and now live in Southampton in my little house. I studied art at Winchester School of Art and moved more onto teaching. I am now lucky enough to teach art to some fantastic students of all ages. 

I am currently a designer for Doodle Doo cards - an amazing website where you can choose your own card designs, personalised them and choose a charity to donate too.

I have been lucky with displaying my pieces of art in local galleries and the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

I am hoping to have many more projects in the future!!!!

All works copyright of Hannah Penlington 

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