Hannah Penlington

 Hannah Penlington

About Me

My name is Hannah Penlington and I am a graduate at Winchester School of Art (Southampton University), with a completed Fine Art Ba hons Degree (specialising in painting).

Previously I completed an A Level in Fine Arts at Brockenhurst College (2005-2007). I also completed 2 GCSEs in Fine Arts at Noadswood Secondary School (2004-2005).

I have participated in various workshops and taught art to children up to the age of 16.

I am now a teacher, using my creative talents to help make learning more fun and engaging for young children. 

You can now order my book containing some of my recent paintings (2010-2013)

Click to preview Paintings photo book

You can buy some of my paintings and drawings as personal greetings cards with DoodleDoo.


About my Work

My work is an on going process that has changed dramatically as my ideas have developed.

I like to look into childhood memory portraying my faded memories in a materialistic concept.

I'm interested in texture, working with thick paint to create random imagery. I manipulate photographs to create new designs which I then develop on canvas by pouring gloss paint from various heights. 

The last few months of my degree (2007/2010), I have been experimenting with dried mushrooms and expanding foam to create unusual textures.

After my degree (2010/2014) I was so inspired by the use of colour that I experimented with this using parrot and birds as a concept. This collection was so successful that it has shown in several galleries.

As of spring 2014, I have started a new project looking at nature (flowers and plants), and the effect man made objects have on this. When I was at uni, I looked into manipulation of photographs to create a concept. I reviewed this and created some more manipulated pictures based on photos I have collected over the years. I then use this to make paintings or sketches and develop this further. 

I am using photos which has flowers or plants as the main theme and merging them with man made objects that compliment them. I am interested to see how man made objects have an effect on the environment.

I have been living near the New Forest for almost 15 years, which has also inspired my work. I like to paint and draw nature and the effects it has on day to day life.

I hope my paintings show these viewpoints :)


I believe everyone can paint, and that any forms of art is personal - Art should be fun. 

"Flowers of Past"

Nature Vs Man Made Collection

Acrylics on Canvas

All works copyright of Hannah Penlington 

All Images are the property of Hannah and are not to be used elsewhere without permission.
For further information, questions or inquiries please get in touch

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