Hannah Penlington

 Hannah Penlington


This sections includes the archives of my art work since university (2007-20010) including previous projects and paintings.

 University Degree Portfolio 2007-2010

"I believed in fairies
My teachers did not
I wished to paint fairies
My teachers did not
So I threw paint onto a canvas in fits of anger
The teachers liked that … idiots!
So my exhibition is about me rebelling somewhat against the ideas of the art school …
but the teachers have yet to find that out"

The paintings are a mix of gloss paint and dried foam to create texture. The concepts behind the paintings have dramatically changed, starting as a childhood memory, the fragments and how memory changes. The process starts with collecting images of past events, or things in connection with me. These are then manipulated and layered to create the photos below. I then use paint to translate these photos onto canvas. This process changed quite a bit to something more aggressive. Throwing the paint onto the canvas removed my perfectionist quality. This is how my degree ended. If I had a few more months this work could have gone further.

 Animations from Degree Portfolio 2007-2010

To view all my animations, click this link https://www.youtube.com/user/hannahpenlington/videos

They are all "fairy" themed due to the topic I was researching into. I wanted to make fairies believable by being able to move and animate them. Being able to re-create that magic by making them believable is all I wanted to achieve. It is up to the viewer whether I have achieved this or not.

Fat Fairy - Sugar Plum Fairy Song

For year 3, this was my last animation. Not my best piece, hence why I moved onto more painting based pieces. This was an ambitious project to take and took me the 6 months to do. The fairy is made from Plasticine and wire, including other materials. I had successfully created a story line based animation, and now I wanted to develop my work further. I decided that using sound would be a useful step forward. I wanted this piece to be much more longer than my previous pieces. Using the "Sugar Plum Fairy" song as the sound track for this piece, I wanted my fairy to move accordingly to the music. Her emotions changed depending on the mood of the music, and her legs kicks to certain aspects of the song. 

Quay Brothers Inspired Animation

The Quay Brothers were a big influence for the second year of my degree. I wanted to capture the child like nightmares of their work in my art too. This is a mixture of stop motion and live animation using manipulated props and melting wax. I feel that this piece can be improved especially with the filming change. As I was creating so many different fairy themed projects, it was advised for me to explore the darker side of this subject. Quay Brothers were mentioned as part of my research, and from that I experimented with their idea of child-like nightmares, which loosely linked to my fairy animation. Naturally, I found this part of my research very overwhelming and sinister. I went back to my fairy themed animations, from which I created the Sugar Plum Fairy Animation.

Painting Fairy Animation

This was used for my group exhibition in year 2 called "nothingness". It was projected onto a canvas that was used in this animation as the background. I have used a range of crafty objects to make the fairy, include silk flowers for her clothes. I wanted a response from the viewer and the way I did this was through the comedy factor. A lot of the viewers who saw this piece giggled at the fairy especially when she interacted with them through waving. 

Final Painted Fairy

Still on the fairy theme for year 2, I finally created this animation. This is the improved and developed version of the Painting Fairy Animation. The fairy model is animated but the paint is too. I used a similar fairy model as compared to the earlier works, keeping with the canvas background theme. The story line of this animation was to simply give that something more to the animation. Whereas I was experimenting with moving the object, I have yet developed into moving more than one object in the animation. With this I have animated the paint to create the illusion that the fairy is manipulating the paint like magic. She then starts to show off at her "fairy talent" and becomes overwhelmed by the excessive paint she has created. At the time, this animation was very ambitious, but I wanted to explore more into a story line creating character to my models. 

 Froud and Fairy Inspired Work 2011-2012

Images below are heavily inspired by Brian Froud and his illustrations found in the "Lady Cottington's pressed Fairy Book". I have used his illustrations and created my very own using coloured pencils.  Brian Froud was a big influence for my degree, but now I just like to challenge myself by imitating his illustrations. To view more of Brian Frouds work please visit his website, http://www.worldoffroud.com/index.html I have a mix of my own creations based on his style, and some that I have copied from his illustrations.

These drawings are not for sale.

Parrot and Jungle Collection 2012-2014 

Recently from a trip to my local zoo - Marwell, I was inspired by two parrots flying in a cage and in an instant, decided that I would paint them!

Below are some research sketches and the final paintings. This then progressed into more parrot paintings and drawings (from my research book) and onto other jungle creatures. Thanks Marwell Zoo for the inspiration!!

Keeping to an animal theme, I also decided to paint peacocks, due to the colour and the nature of the bird. This was a natural progress from the parrot paintings and moving onto something else. I wanted to try a new technique which suited much better when I changed to painting peacocks. I used the tjanting tool with wax and ink on light chiffon materials. 

Illustrations 2014-present

I do a lot of illustrations for #Colour_Collective and #Pinchpunchpost for twitter, commissioned pieces and random doodle. 

 All works copyright of Hannah Penlington 

All Images are the property of Hannah and are not to be used elsewhere without permission.
For further information, questions or inquiries please get in touch.

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