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Posted by Hannah Penlington on 4th August 2016



As I would like to broaden my art styles, I have been experimenting with different techniques. Below are some examples of these paintings using animals as the theme. Feedback is always welcomed.


New Project 2014 -2016

As of spring 2014, I have started a new project looking at nature (flowers and plants), and the effect man made objects have on this. When I was at uni, I looked into manipulation of photographs to create a concept. I reviewed this and created some more manipulated pictures based on photos I have collected over the years. I then use this to make paintings or sketches and develop this further. 

I am using photos which has flowers or plants as the main theme and merging them with man made objects that compliment them. Below are some examples of some of the photos I have manipulated and created. 



I chose this photo to start with. I thought it would be a good place to start, to sketch and made research paintings before the final piece.

I also decided it would be a good choice to paint large due to the hue of the photo. 


"Flowers of Past" Photograph

Photoshop Photographs, A4 

 "Flowers of Past" Sketch

Pencil on Art Paper, A4

"Flowers of Past" Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Paints on Art Paper, A3

Above is a look at my sketch book and the two research pictures I have done of the manipulated photo. The detail of the colours in the flowers were tricky to create, and the repetition of the brickwork was challenging.


"Flowers of Past" Final Painting

Acrylics on Canvas, 59cm by 82cm  

"Passion on the Wall"

Watercolour research painting on watercolour paper A4.

Below is the acrylic version of "Passion on the Wall".

This has taken weeks to paint as there were lots of layers I had to wait to dry before moving onto the next section.


"Passion on the Wall" Final Painting

Acrylics on Canvas 76cm by 51cm

Here are some more manipulated photos I have created using nature and man made objects as a linking concept.

These, like my first ones, are research photos to create ideas and where to go next.







Below is a new painting using acrylic, based on one of the above manipulated photos. This painting took a very long time to finish. It had many layers and fine detail. The grass in particular was challenging due to the individual textures and colours of each blade.  

 "Flowers in Shadow" Final Painting

Acrylic on Canvas, 71 cm by 71 cm

Below I used a manipulated photo taken from my memories from holidays and days out to create a painting. The reason I called this painting "Growing Regardless" is due to a photo I took recently of a plant, that was growing despite the lack of pot space for the roots. I took  a photo of the roots, and it looked very cramped and all matted together. And yet the plant was still growing. I used this photo and manipulated it, to create the atmosphere of curiosity and the unknown. I included photos of different flowers including orchids, changed the shape, colour, transparency, blended them and layered them to create the finished photo. The painting I have slightly altered to create a darker feel with keeping the orchid bright to make it stand out.

 "Growing Regardless" Final Painting

Acrylic on Canvas, 30 cm by 40 cm 


Below is a painting I based on three different images which I layered. I was going to have a rope to feature it, to keep with the man made concept. However this did not work. Instead I wanted to feature a chain and decided the best way to do this, is by using it as the hanging feature once it is on the wall on display.


 "Daisy Chain" Final Painting

Acrylic on Canvas, 36" by 24"

The painting below was created without a guide or photo. I chose blue and peach as the main two colours for the flowers because its the only colours I have left and it contrasts really nicely. This painting is the second to the Daisy Chain Collection.


 "Daisy Chain II" Final Painting

Acrylic on Canvas, 36" by 24"


Below is the final painting for the Daisy collection. I purposely wanted to make sure that all the main flowers were different colours, hence why this flower is a purple/pink. This was created without photos or research using an old flower study as the main focus.


 "Daisy Chain III" Final Painting

Acrylic on Canvas, 36" by 24"

New paintings from the Daisy Chain collection will be on the website soon. Watch this space!


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