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Hi all!

It's been a while since I have updated this. Here it goes...

Twitter - take a look at #colour_collective. Every week a new colour is announced for artists and illustrators to post a picture with said colour every Friday evening. I like and retweet every post as well as submitting mine. Last year Penelope was my themed character for the art challenge and now it's Maisie. I am improving my character designs through this art challenge using lines, cross-hatching and pen.

Instagram - I am finally showing my art work on Instagram! I am showing more successful or popular pieces on there. 

I have tried my best to sort this website out! It's turning more into a portfolio than a website showing off what I can do. Bare with it as I slowly sort it out.

Oh and I thought I would put up my favourite picture on this blog too.

As always like to hear your feedback


Maisie having a tantrum for colour collective on twitter

Posted by Hannah Penlington on 24th August 2017


Animals 2016-2017

Flower 2014-2016



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